Welcome to the South Tyneside Formulary 

The South Tyneside Primary Care Formulary is the approved list of medicines for use in primary care. All medicines have been approved by the South Tyneside Medicines Management Committee (MMC). The MMC is a joint committee with South Tyneside Foundation Trust enabling seamless prescribing for patients between general practice and the hospital trust.

Where appropriate the formulary gives information as to which drugs are regarded as being the first choice and alternatives. It is not intended to be a comprehensive prescribing guide or to replace the BNF or BNF for children.

  1. Notes on using the formulary

Medicines in the formulary are listed in chapters and subsections that generally correspond with those in the BNF. Links to BNF monographs are included in the drug description to allow easy access to more detailed information. Note: Where preparations (e.g. brands/strengths/formulations/sizes) are specifically mentioned in the entry these are the only ones approved for use.

Recommended International Non-proprietary Names (INNs) are used throughout the text, but proprietary names are used for some combination and modified release products, where brand name prescribing is recommended.

Products listed in the formulary are flagged to indicate if they are hospital only products (Red), suitable for shared care (Amber), suitable for prescribing by GPs but should be initiated by a specialist (Green+) or may be prescribed by any registered prescriber (Geen). Hospital doctors should not ask GPs to prescribe hospital only medicines (‘Red’ drugs) unless there is a very exceptional reason and agreement with the GP.

       2. Requests for products to be included in the formulary

Requests for products to be added to the formulary have to be approved by South Tyneside MMC

Requests normally have to be made by a consultant, general practitioner or other appropriate senior healthcare professional (e.g. optician, dentist, nurse, podiatrist, dietician or pharmacist) and wherever possible the request should be submitted electronically in Microsoft Word format by email.

Please contact for further details